How to Make a Responsive Social Media Template in a Minute

Nov 09, 2022

Going social is using social media platforms to interact with the audience and to build or share a common idea. The social media times of today are a burst of marketing, interactions and engagement worldwide. It is connectivity to build, follow or sell an idea with like, share and subscribe as its modern mantras. Social media marketing and social media engagement are the balance and there’s no hierarchy around it. As an individual or a brand or a business, it’s the reach that leverages its goals. Social media offers just the same with plenty of choices and tweaks to get to the right viewers. But, having a high number of interactions or follower numbers may look good, it’s also the quality of the interactions that’s more important.

Hence, some considerations help ace the game:

  • Identify and Structure your Content

The brand identity reflects an ideology. Brainstorm to pin down what the page wants to sell, how it wants to be perceived, and how it could be achieved.

  1. From videos to reels to photos and puns, ideas that speak the content give a clear picture of how the social media page could shine wonders.
  2. Identify the social media platforms that would best promote the brand and give a better reach to the right audience.
  3. Plan out the posts. Social media platforms are also designed to generate insights into the page’s activities. It is suggested to plan out the days of posting to keep up the content’s consistency and hype. A note on the guidelines of the content language helps from deviation of the content.
  • Target Audience

A full picture is complete when a brand needs its customers, a page needs its audience and vice versa. Knowing the audience helps broaden the wants and needs, likes and dislikes of the content. Once a brand knows its audience, it will exactly know how to get to them by setting an appropriate tone and voice for the content's message.

  • Create Fresh and Trendy Visuals

As it said “quality over quantity”, creating compelling content engages the customers at the first glance and influences them to interact or take an action. As the world is moving for all things digital and with a demanding raise for everything digital it’s a perfect take to keep the viewers hooked onto their screens. Be an Insider and up your social media marketing game with appealing visuals.

With all things in place, a bonus card is when the audience knows the creator too. Drop in those morning coffee shots, team outings, a doodle or a masterpiece of a talent. Viewers feel personally connected. Remember it's all about the mutual connection two parties hold.

If far is like, share and subscribe then platforms have looked beyond to deliver polls, stickers, questions, tweets, snaps, mentions, reactions, quizzes, hashtags and many more. Engagement is a driving algorithm to keep the posts ups on the viewer's feed. Use it to make it top-notch.

  • Customer Data

A well-thought social media marketing and engagement deliver invaluable insights to boost marketing outcomes: customer data. Upon good identification, the social tools can attain customer data to outsource market analysis and new strategies.

Another way ahead is also to follow the influencers or other well-running media marketers to learn what’s doing well and what’s falling flat.


Bottom line is when there’s an idea, market it and engage to sell and spread it. Giving shape to an idea is the key factor here. How efficient it could be? What would appeal to the targeted audience? How engaging an idea would be? These are some fundamental questions that pop-up while we think of an idea. Hence it is of great importance to give eye to details like design, colours used, typography, and so much more.

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