5 Animation Trends 2021 For Brand Engagement & User Experience

animationtrends Mar 22, 2021

The animation is not a new thing in designing but it takes many new twists and turns to redefine its value every year. It helps in educating your audience, navigating them, and selling your products & services. Connecting with your audience has become easier with the help of animated characters because you can create an animated character that your audience can relate to. If you’re trying to convey complex information, whether it’s for internal communication or training purposes, animation comes out on top. It can help viewers retain 58% more information when compared to other methods of communication.

The animation trends are constantly evolving, therefore we bring to you animation trend predictions that will transform the user experience and brand engagement for your business in 2021. Below we have jotted down the top trends that you can try your hands on.

  1. Amalgamation of Animation and Live-action
Animation and Live Action

Due to the social distancing and work from home culture, it became necessary to mix animation and live-action. Staying at home and creating a live video for your products& services with minimal resources; and filling the gaps with animation was the hot animation trend of 2020.This trend will continue in 2021 to engage the audience. By mixing these two types of content, brands can easily showcase 360-degree view of their product and allow users to learn more about the products with minimal live resources. Animation is becoming bolder, livelier, more colorful, and popping with weird shapes, writing, icons, and elements. With the real image or video, the animations will be a great way to grab the user’s attention.

2. Isometric animation- Use 3D elements in 2D

3D elements in 2D

2D animation and 3D animation are both famous forms, but in 2021, according to top animators and designers, using both the animations together will allow better brand engagement. In isometric animation, designers depict three-dimensional elements in two dimensions. It gives a clutter-less look of the entire design.While making the animation video, designers animate 2D models and place them on 3D spaces in such a way that they face the camera. With the help of this, they can achieve the look of any product they want in the animation videos. Whether you are offering any service or product, this technique works well in every case. It is one of the best ways through which customers can experience your services and products.

3. Use of Textures – Achieve realism and add interest

Use Textures

Using textures will add depth to the animation. Different textures give unique look to the animation. It gives realism to the design. For example, if the users are looking for a playing ball, you can offer a simple ball or you can cover it with fur, what would you like to touch? So, the texture in animation makes the products more real and is a great way to build a connection with your audience. It helps in building the user’s interest and fulfil their needs with different options.

4. Vintage Style Animations- New Trend with the Old Touch

Vintage Style Animation

Old is gold, we all have heard it, but is it true for animation also? Yes, it is. In the list of top animation trends of 2021, vintage style animation has marked its place. Placing the old/vintage character with new animation for better brand engagement is going to be one of the most talked animation trends. You will witness flat colors with some kind of grains, highly contrasting colors with dots and textures, outlined characters and retro textures, etc in this trend.

5. Interactive Animation- For Better Communication

Interactive Animation

Do you want to be remembered for your services? If yes, then interactive animation trend will let you do that. This type of interactive communication is enjoyable and informative. It encourages your users to learn more about your products and services in a unique way. In this year, designers and animators will bring out of the box ideas to create fun and memorable content for a better user experience.

A rich narrative through your animation can leave a mark on your business. Whether you need to market your product or service, interesting storytelling in your animation will bind your audience. Create a character and describe the social status, emotions, problems, and needs to build a relationship with the audience.

Madhavan Ayyavu

Co-Founder and Director (User Experience) Fibonalabs

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