How Design Audit can Impact your Business? Find Out here!

May 26, 2021

Any business which sets customer satisfaction as a priority can outshine others. A design audit is one of the easiest ways to improve your brand awareness which often gets neglected. If you are a startup or looking to elevate your business, a design audit can help you in doing so.

The actual purpose of the design audit is interaction with customers. The easier your design is, the better user interface it creates. With an interactive design, you are more likely to create a good brand image. There are many analytic metrics through which you get an idea of your website’s performance but it is a little difficult to figure out inconsistencies in overall content which may confuse the users for a specific decision.

Remember, confused customers are less likely to make long-term relationships with you or even think twice before converting. So indirectly design audits are all about your relationship with customers. Stick to the article, till the end and find out about the impact of a design audit on your brand and how can you conduct one.

Does your Business Really Need a Design Audit?

Intuitive designs can flourish the customer experience. By ensuring that your customers and potential customers get the same message at any point in time, you accomplish the mission of establishing a good brand image.

You can understand design audit as a way of evaluating the whole design structure. You can analyze all core elements in any form be it visual, written, or verbal communication. From webinars, hosting workshops, and ads to social media or the whole product, design audits can elevate overall structure.

But the question that you may ponder is whether you need to do a design audit or do customers notice these mini-design improvements. Here is the answer to it.

As you know once the company grows, its capabilities get enhanced. With each step of growth, you should keep refining your strategies. The customer may not notice those changes but it is all about easier interaction with customers, quick conversions, or enhanced functionality of websites or apps.

A quick reminder: Good product design maintains consistency which in turn helps in building trust with your audience.

So get ready to see the positive changes in your brand by using intuitive designs.

Importance of Design Audit to your Business

Obviously, who wants to waste time on things which yield no result? So, before we move towards the process of conducting the audit, we must know the advantages that we will achieve by doing it.

  1. The overall strength of the company is decided by the quality of designs, user experience, and overall product. And a final audit ensures everything is perfectly done.
  2. It helps keep a check on the company’s functionality at every step of its growth. This will further help you in optimizing your visual design, and functions, and keeping a uniform tone of voice for your company.
  3. To enhance the user experience, you can use UX audit which uses statistical information for the growth of the product through visual recommendations.
  4. Implementing a design audit can help you get an overall evaluation of all dimensions of the digital product and refine the areas which need restructuring.

Which Company Should Conduct Design Audits and When?

To save you time, let us help you in deciding whether you should conduct it or not. Design audits are generally implemented for the products and services which were made a long time ago and have enough data for rechecking.

Consider asking these questions before coming to any conclusion:

  1. Are you looking for redesigning your old product?
  2. Was your company established a long back?

Most traditional companies do not have a dedicated system for redesigning. With time, the design needs changes, this is when you should go for a UX audit. You can make the most of your UX design by conducting an audit for old products.

Here are the insights that you get by conducting design audits:

  1. Overall user experience
  2. Site or app your customers are using most.
  3. Repeated visits
  4. Ambiguity in the product’s interface
  5. Clear call-to-actions and responses to them
  6. Relevance of your products and services to the industry.

Focus on these key points after conducting audits as they will help you in maximizing lead conversions and enhancing user experience.

In a Nutshell

So now you have understood the key to happy customers. Aligning the design of your website in such a way that it appeals to your audience is the main feature of a design audit. After knowing all the benefits and criteria of conducting them, it is the correct time that you should start doing it to maximize the potential of your business.

Conduct the design audit and once you are done, watch your happy customers appreciating you.

Madhavan Ayyavu

Co-Founder and Director (User Experience) Fibonalabs

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