Internet of Behaviour: To Influence Your Customers in 2021

internetofbehaviour Apr 08, 2021

The Internet of Behaviour has extended from the Internet of Things (IoT), it is an interconnection of devices that results in a vast variety of new data sources.

Internet of Behaviour (IoB) has created a buzz around the world. We all are aware of the Internet of Things (IoT), this technology has given us many applications which work in accordance with our preferences, regular habits, and practices. Internet of Behaviour is the extension of this technology, that reveals significant information about the customer’s behaviour.

So, do you know what's the difference between the internet of things and the internet of behaviour?

Internet of Things connects devices that cater to the needs of people, whereas the Internet of Behaviour is used to connect people & their behaviour and mainly deals in how the data of these people and their behaviour can be used.

According to Gartner, “The Internet of Behaviour collects the digital dust of people’s lives from a variety of sources, and public or private organizations can use this information to influence behaviour

This concept makes it easy for organizations to understand the data properly and then promote new products according to a human perspective. So, the largely automated analytical systems now are able to track consumer’s behaviour and activities to build suitable products and services for them.

Internet of Behaviour has become a powerful tool that will push brands over the line to build new business opportunities for them.

Internet of behaviour shall benefit all organisation in Upcoming Years

  • Achieve sales targets with improved customer satisfaction
  • Understand consumer behaviour and reduce customer surveys
  • Analyse customer buying journey and track them
  • Analyse how customers interact with services, good, and devices
  • Provide real-time notifications about points of sale and target ads

Completely personalize your product and services with the help of the Internet of Behaviour for your customers.


Co-Founder & Director of Technology and Analytics at Fibonalabs

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