In Conversation with one of the Developers at Fibonalabs

Fibonalabs is a learning hub where our employees put on their creative-thinking caps and come up with innovative digital solutions for our clients. We are now a family of 60+ technology experts and design advocates who work towards the success of our company. We are open to challenges and always appreciate the talent and hard work. We specialize in areas like experience design, product development and cloud solutions.

We had a chat with our Software Development Engineer - 1, Shankar Madheswaran, on his experience working at Fibonalabs. Shankar is a passionate front-end iOS developer who specializes in mobile and web development. He also writes blogs on topics such as iOS, SwiftUI and Xamarin concepts on Medium. He has been a part of our company since January 2020. Here are a few excerpts from the conversation:

  • How does Fibonalabs help you as a developer to grow?

As a developer, I never restrict myself to a particular technology, as trends evolve rapidly. Fibonalabs allows me to work on different technologies which helps in broadening my skill set.

  • What are the roles and responsibilities which you have been assigned here so far?

I have worked as an individual front-end developer for some projects, and I have also worked under teams. As of now, I am a reporting manager at a mid-level where I have a few young developers reporting to me.

  • Rate yourself out of 10 as a front-end developer

Mobile development is my strength so I would give myself an 8 out of 10 for that. Comparatively, web development is more challenging for me and I would give myself a 6 out of 10 for the same.

  • Being an iOS developer, have you ever worked on Android or hybrid projects? If yes, which one do you think is easier?

I have never worked on Android-native projects, but I have worked on hybrid projects. In the case of a hybrid project, we code in Javascript and run the codes in both Android and iOS frameworks. I feel more comfortable working on iOS mobile development in comparison with web development.

  • What are the skills which you acquired here at Fibonalabs?

Working here at Fibonalabs has helped me to sharpen my skills in iOS development, React and React native. I also learnt ReactJs as a new skill at Fibonalabs.

  • What was the recent accomplishment which you have achieved at Fibonalabs?

I was awarded the “Employee of the Month”, in August 2020 for developing and deploying a native iOS app individually in the app store. “ Wallet HR” was the project which I worked on. Wallet HR is a complete 360-degree HRMS human capital software that increases the productivity of the HR team by automating various HR functions. It helps an organization to effectively manage the employee life cycle from talent acquisition to retirement.

  • Apart from front-end development, what other domains would you love to explore?

I am always open to learning new stuff. But I would first like to build my expertise in front-end development. After getting a good grasp on front-end development, I would then proceed to learn backend development and machine learning.

  • What does the work-life balance at Fibonalabs feel like?

It has been an amazing time working here at Fibonalabs. Fibonalabs has a great work-culture, which ensures that the work never feels too stressful or overbearing. But I do prefer working from the office over working from home.

  • What are the observations which you have made about Fibonalabs’s work culture?

At Fibonalabs, the hierarchy of communication is pretty simple and convenient in comparison with large-scale companies. Fibonalabs is a learning hub which offers creative freedom and supports innovation. My mentors and colleagues over here are highly-skilled and I learn a lot from them. They are also very friendly and supportive, which is a huge plus.

  • Would you recommend Fibonalabs as a great workplace to your job-seeking friends?

Yes definitely. I have already referred this place to 4 or 5 of my friends, who are now working here.

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