In Conversation with Business Development Manager at Fibonalabs

Sep 09, 2022

Fibonalabs is a leading UX/UI Design company that also offers development and cloud services. We have provided excellent design and digital solutions to various industries including fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, automobiles, logistics, and retail. We have experienced and expert designers and developers that have contributed to the company's success.

Our business development department has played a very important role in expanding our wings. Today, we are proud to say that we have opened Fibonalabs chapter in New York City as well. With the continuous progress and determination of our employees, we thought this is the best time to have a conversation with our business development manager, Faizan. Here are a few excerpts from the conversation.

Sum up your day at work in a word or two.

Roller Coaster.

What made you choose business development as your career?

I believe Business Development is the backbone of any successful organization and what could be better than being an important part of that success. I am someone who is always keen on learning and here every stage guarantees continuous learning. As a business development professional, you will also meet many people from various fields and every deal is likely to teach you something new. If one has the ability and capability to create new revenue streams and opportunities, the earning potential is huge. This helps you get a holistic view of how a company functions - a knowledge that is essential to step up the corporate ladder.

How has Fibonalabs helped you grow as a business developer?

Before joining Fibonalabs I had experience in the B2C sector only. As a business developer at Fibonalabs, I got to work in a B2B environment where I learned the art of understanding the audience and identifying different strategies to reach out to them with a particular objective. It allowed me to go through different platforms for Networking that helped me in building my listening, and communication skills, and gain insight from leaders and experienced professionals who share their knowledge. I work closely with the marketing team that keeps me up-to-date with all Lead Generation and Branding initiatives that are taking place thus enhancing my knowledge as well about my work and my organization.

What is your recent accomplishment in Fibonalabs?

With the continuous support of my team, I managed to add a New Client to our Portfolio from an Industry like OTT. The client is a well-established Unicorn and has its headquarters in New York. This helped me add an “Employee of the Month” award in my professional Career as well.

What impresses you the most about Fibonalabs?

I am really impressed by the work environment at Fibonalabs. Everybody encourages you and is always willing to help. There is open communication where management involves you and considers your ideas. Efforts are valued and rewarded.

What are the skills which you learned after joining Fibonalabs?

At Fibonalabs, I got a chance to work in a B2B environment and enhance my skills and learnings. From Lead Generation to Lead Qualification, Communication Skills to Presentation Skills, Client Requirements Understanding to Decision Making Skills, Customer Relationship Management to Relationship Building, Email Marketing to Cold Calling and Selling Skills to Marketing Skills, Fibonalabs has played a vital role to help me acquire them.

How much impact does your career have on your personality?

My career has a huge impact on my Personality. It has converted me into an Extrovertly Introverted person from a fully Introvert. My fear and anxiety levels are comparatively much lower than before. I remember an incident on my first day at college where I fainted when I was supposed to introduce myself. Today I am not that same person anymore for which my career has contributed a lot. I am becoming more confident, fearless and expressive.

What are the other domains which you would like to explore?

Apart from Business Development, I would like to explore Marketing and User Experience Design. Marketing has always been one of my favorites being an MBA student but UX Design is something that really fascinates me after joining Fibonalabs. Designer life to me is full of creativity and fun, where you research about the product, brainstorm and come up with problem solving ideas.

Describe your rapport with your colleagues and mentors?

I do have casual conversations with my colleagues about the work day. I love to listen to and learn from my colleagues. I never feel reluctant to appreciate my colleague's good work. I welcome any work where I can contribute to building a strong relationship. I talk straight and work transparently. I discuss my mistakes with my mentors. I never take criticism as bad.

What do you do to pick yourself up, when you feel less motivated at work?

Each day, I set goals that drive me to achieve them, have Relentless determination, try to reflect on where I started and what I have learned so far, and listen to motivational and spiritual lectures whenever I feel less motivated.

How involved are you with the other teams in Fibonalabs apart from the business development team?

I get involved with other teams both design and development to understand the previous projects and the current projects they are working on. Apart from this, I actively participate in the Interactive Sessions thus keeping myself involved with other departments even when working from home.

What are the challenges that you face as a business developer?

  1. The challenges that I face are:
  • Despite all the communication technology available, consumers are less responsive.
  • Closing a deal is another challenge as it depends on many factors like the availability of resources, sync between the client and our technologies, the client's willingness to pay, etc.
  • Reaching out to the right client at the right time.
  • Getting in touch with decision- makers of companies based outside India.

A great conversation with Faizan helped us in understanding more about our progress, impact on employees, and a lot more from the perspective of a business development manager.

More about Fibonalabs

Our design lab consists of creative and enthusiastic UX designers, UX researchers, and visual designers. Our other domains include product development, cloud solutions, and much more.

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