Workplace Culture of Fibonalabs- Where we celebrate our diversity

Jan 20, 2021

Fibonalabs is a place where we have diversity in culture, religion, and thoughts. This diversity binds and motivates us while we work in a team. We empower each individual of any gender, age, religion, and color. It is this diversity that gives us different experiences, expertise, and working methods that helps us to generate better productivity.

I'm Ridhima, Asst. Manager HR at Fibonalabs would like to share my experience with fibonalabs in this blog. So, I belong to the eastern part of India, Bihar; and when I got an opportunity to join Fibonalabs, I was a little nervous but excited. The journey from eastern to the southern part of India has been great for me because of the employees, culture and management of our company. Here, I felt, the team would accept you and the changes beautifully. Also, migration and transition from one place to another becomes easy, if the diversity is celebrated.

Yes, here we have different minds and cultures but it is said, “Working with people from diverse background produce better outcomes, precisely because it’s harder and we make it true".

Here, I am sharing a working experience straight from the gallery of my memory.

We celebrate every festival be it Diwali, Holi, Onam or Christmas, etc. People at  Fibonalabs are very open to embracing every idea, whether it is for celebration or implementing new ideas technologies. Here, we get together talk about different topics arts, music, cuisines etc.

Here, we conduct and participate in different sessions on design, technology and soft skills that help us to grow together. Fibonalabs encourage all employees to pursue their interest and learn new technologies get certified to become better each day.

I have been part of many interactive sessions where we have embraced each other’s thoughts and openly talked about each other’s mental health which we give equal importance. We celebrate birthdays, dinner parties and resort trips which helps us to enhance our team bonding and enjoy our moments

I am proud to say it, the encouragement and enthusiasm I see in my colleagues while working are the same while celebrating all the festivals. Always we feel the vibes of positivity, confidence, and self-satisfaction amongst us.

Here, we learn, enjoy, work together and at the same time treated as equal without any discrimination on the basis of gender or religion.

The currency of Fibonalabs is our incredible diversified culture and we are proud of it.

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