Web Development Trends that will be game-changing in 2023

Oct 31, 2022

Remember the time when having an email id was considered such a tech-friendly thing back in the 90s? Those were the times when people used to work on computer systems that were physically big yet had fewer data storage capacities. Let's forget about computers and throw some light on the large database devices. And the manpower, and infrastructure that was required to keep it running. But then look at the current time. We have computer systems with less size and more storage capacity. There are smartphones that we can depend upon for literally everything. Smartwatches not only just show time but let you perform a series of actions for various features. Technology has evolved a lot in comparison to those not-so-long-ago days. The only difference is that technology has evolved at a super-fast pace in the last decade or so.

From keypads to touchpads to touchscreens and now literally voice search. We have come far away from the days of low or no internet to 5G internet days. This hike in speed has helped so many businesses across the globe and most of all website developers. The way the internet speed and bandwidth is increasing is giving more opportunities and way to perform experiments to develop excellent websites to all the developers out there.

The year 2022 witnessed many changes in website development. In this blog, we will be focusing on web development trends that will be game-changing in 2023. Though some of these trends are already famous in 2022. Let’s have a look at the ones that will dominate 2023 and would become the favourites of so many businesses and e-commerce sites around the world.


Many industries worldwide use chatbots. In healthcare industries, hotels, e-shopping, and several other areas, a chatbot has become their prime choice. For example, a famous food delivery app always uses a chatbot first and then directs a customer to the customer support executive. But the question that arises here is why they need a chatbot when they can provide help from a real person. The simple answer to this is improved customer experience.

That happiness or satisfaction that a customer gets after receiving an acknowledgement text plays a key role in giving an impression to the user that their query will get resolved soon. Chatbot has made technology more efficient in return providing increased customer engagement on any business platform.

In 2023, we will be witnessing a greater number of businesses investing in this wonderful feature of artificial intelligence.

One of the most amazing features of the current times is voice control. Whether it is Alexa or Siri, they are not just voices but are so much more in many households and offices. Voice interfaces have made a great difference in our lives.

Let's take a simple example to understand the difference that voice search has made in our lives. There is a woman who is working on her laptop and at the same time her child is becoming fussy, the mother says, “Alexa, play nursery rhymes on YouTube”. And there the rhyme starts playing.

Similarly, there are various other things like voice search on google which has now introduced voice search in regional languages as well. Isn’t it amazing? Now a person who is not literate enough to do messaging on the phone can get their queries answered by voice search.

These extraordinary trends will continue to get inside the world of technology even further. The year 2023 will be witnessing more websites that will be adopting the feature of voice search as it has a great impact in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Enhanced E-commerce websites

According to a survey conducted by The Drum, 65% of the users that use e-commerce websites are mobile users. And we have seen the difference this knowledge has made for website developers.

Earlier a website was focused to be at its best when used on a laptop. But now every website comes with different layouts dedicated to mobile screens, tablet screens, laptops etc. This has made a huge difference in the increased amount of traffic on e-commerce sites.

The year 2023 will be focused on enhancing the performance of websites and making them much smarter. For example, there is a dating website that gives a push notification if the person in their “interested” list, passes by. Similarly, some businesses are coming up with ideas where if a customer passes by their store, they will get a push notification regarding any discounts and latest offers. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s see what the upcoming year brings in store for web development trends.

Single Page Application

Well, each one of us knows what a great difference Single Page Applications have brought to the world of website development. The view that SPAs give makes the whole experience simple and customer friendly. The benefits that it comes with simply cannot be ignored. From less page loading time to fast speed to reduced bounce rate, SPAs have become the top choice of so many website developers these days.

For example, there is a website that lets you see all the options together on a single page and another one that though has a greater number of features, makes the navigation journey complex for the user. The user will look forward to using a SPA because user experience plays a crucial role in user engagement.

In the coming years, several businesses and e-commerce sites will be seen drifting to the concept of SPAs following the footsteps of famous apps like Facebook and Instagram.


Having these amazing website development trends even in 2023, will be a great game-changing experience for the website developers as well.

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