Walking Down Memory Lane:3 Memorable Events at Fibonalabs Office

Dec 08, 2020

A company that celebrates together grows together. Crossing milestones with time, we find reasons to celebrate each and every small thing through various corporate and social events. Through this blog, let’s take a trip down memory lane and re-live the pre-covid days, where we celebrated every festive and event with utmost pride.

Our company is a playground where we play with new technologies and designs to bring out the best results. Therefore, playfulness is in our nature and that used to reflect on all our events. We get excited, whether it’s about empowering our customers or chilling with the team.

Here is a sneak peek of our events where we played, learned, and grew.

1. Knowledge Gaining Events

In the fast moving time of technology, Artificial Intelligence has paved its mark in the world.  So, how we can be behind in this journey of innovation? In the process of empowering our employees, we organized a meet with Mr. Chandra Mohan (IIT-B Comp Sci '11) of Walmart Labs to give insights on Artificial Intelligence.

It was an amazing session on Artificial intelligence where we worked closely with subject matter experts to gain in-depth knowledge about this amazing technology and its application.

2. Team building Event: Dinner, Fun, Games Night

Foosball is our stress buster!

We have a culture where all the members of all the hierarchy of the company show zeal to participate in the event.

We play together and learn to build strategies together.

Don’t miss the fun below.

fibonalabs team
Fibonalabs team

This was the best way for a team to shed off their monotonous work and got in touch with each other. We used to know each other’s stories, and some stories we lived together.

We Played, Ate and Energized.

We used to pause for some time to enjoy our work and play mode. We used to gather to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate our success in this event.

Through the get-togethers, we reposed from our hectic schedule and lived in the moment to chill and relax.

3. Festival Events

Developing a positive attitude and high morale is challenging. Festivals were the additional times to inculcate the positive vibes in the environment. We preached happiness and humanity during these festive times to spread bliss and delight around.

We balance the work mode and play mode to keep the tranquillity in our culture. Each and every event in our company has a motive behind it and that is to bring contentment, creativity, and uniqueness to every mind. It breaks the monotonous work life and gives them out-of-box ideas and energy to get back to work.

For now, we are surely missing the fun of celebrating such events in the office, but we are compensating it with digital events.

Stay tuned to know about our digital events.


Co-Founder & Director (Strategy & Marketing), Fibonalabs

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