Top 5 Consumer Trends by 2030: Internet of Senses

Nov 05, 2020

For now, technology only deals with the 2 senses of humans, sight and sound. But, have you ever imagined the world where technology can interact with humans through other senses too, such as, smell, taste and texture? In the 5G era we might experience the interaction of humans with technologies via various senses. According to the research, by 2030, there will be a shift of screen-based world to sense based world.  Ericsson ConsumerLab Hot Consumer Trends report shows that internet of thing will transform into internet of senses where there will be more multi-sensory devices.

New Interface: The Brain

Ericsson has predicted that by 2030, brain will be used as an interface rather than screens, keyboards, mouse. With the hyper fast connectivity, consumers would need more AR and VR devices that can translate languages, allow them to control their sound environment and experience smell, taste, textures and temperature digitally.

For example: Research showed that 54% consumers request AR glasses that can remember things for them as our brain do. We often forget the person we meet for few minutes, so this problem can be solved by 2030 as some AR glasses can memories and recognize the people you met. This means, our thoughts will be completely accessible by the technology.

Taste is about to get Digitalized

Could you imagine putting a device in your mouth that digitally enhances the food you eat, so that anything can taste exactly how you want it to?

Can you imagine keeping a device in the mouth that can digitally improve the food you eat? Isn’t it amazing to imagine the taste of the food exactly how you want?

This would bring the revolution in the retail and food industry. Before buying the product, consumers can easily taste the product by sitting at their homes.

Sound: More Real and Easy Sound Search

Sound is another trend which is going to boom in upcoming years for consumers. According to the research, the sound search and sound transmission will be smoother. Sound of digital objects will sound more real when placed in real world. Consumers expect. Many consumers expect the headphones which can translate the sound into various languages.  

Touch to become Prominent Trend

Digital touch is going way beyond the digital hand touch or the current VR trend. It is going to include the complete digital body touch to enhance the user experience. In the coming years, consumers will experience the texture through the mobile devices. 59% consumers expect such wearables that can give complete body digital touch which feels real.

New understanding through Digital Aroma

It is difficult to access the aroma digitally. It is the strong sensation that affects humans; therefore, consumers are waiting for the digital aroma. By 2030, consumers are expecting digital sensation to be a key part of the internet. 56% of customers are looking forward to watching any type of video that would be more immersive if you could smell the action. It would be beneficial for perfume and deodorant companies to improve their sales digitally.

The revolution has started with VR headset accessories, aroma generators, micro-heaters/coolers, haptic feedback bodysuits and simple vibrating game controllers. These consumer trends will leave the thin line between real and virtual world.

As a consumer, what is your trend? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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Co-Founder & Director of Technology and Analytics at Fibonalabs

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