In Conversation with a UX Designer at Fibonalabs

Oct 09, 2021

Fibonalabs is a design-led development company in India that offers UX design and digital solutions to financial services, retail, E-commerce, logistics, and healthcare industries. We are a family of 60+ technology experts and design advocates who greatly contribute to the company’s success. Fibonalabs is a place where our employees learn, grow, and showcase their creativity and expertise in a stress-free environment.

We had a chit-chat with our UX designer Sakshi Pandey on her experience working at Fibonalabs. Sakshi has been a part of our design team at Fibonalabs since November 2020. Being an experienced product designer, Sakshi joined Fibonalabs to explore the digital side of design. She is a passionate designer who loves to create impactful designs for people. Here are a few excerpts from the conversation:

  • What do you love the most about working here at Fibonalabs?

Fibonalabs has been a great learning space for me. The mentors and seniors over here are pretty cordial and helpful. The work here at times does get hectic, but it never feels too stressful or overbearing.

  • On a scale of 1 – 10, how challenging is your work daily? Please elaborate

Sometimes, it is challenging, say 10/10, sometimes it’s very casual. When it gets too casual, I start doing something more challenging as I like to flex the cognitive side of my brain. I work on Dribbble posts on UI and UX Design. For example, I recently worked on an interface design for kids. As a UX designer, UI would be my challenge. I worked on a UI for kids where I had to incorporate more colours and also keep the interaction simple and to the point. I do similar projects which help me learn new things apart from the client projects.

  • What do you think about the rapport you share with your colleagues and higher officials at Fibonalabs?

From my side, I feel comfortable communicating with my colleagues and mentors. The communication is carried out in a friendly, informal manner which is pretty nice. Whenever I get stuck, I can reach out to my mentors who help me with their industry expertise, and this makes the whole learning and exploring process interesting.

  • How has working at Fibonalabs helped you grow as a UX Designer?

When I joined Fibonalabs I was a fresher in digital design. I had prior experience with industrial product design i.e., physical product design and wanted to explore the digital design field. In Fibonalabs, I acquired skills like UI design, visual design, data visualization, trend forecasting and UX measurement. The comfortable atmosphere here has helped me learn and grow as a UX designer to a great extent.

  • What do you think is unique about Fibonalabs?

I feel that the work culture at Fibonalabs is unique. Since it is work from home now, I haven’t interacted with many of the employees except the design team, a few developers, and the HR team. But at Fibonalabs they have weekly sessions to bridge the gap between WFH and its communication barriers. Fibonalabs promotes a great learning culture which includes 2 – 3 design sessions per week specifically for design. Each Friday there is an interactive session with all the employees, where the winners get Amazon vouchers as rewards. The games get competitive and interesting at times. The HR team plans the games and interactive sessions pretty well.

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