HR Management Solution for Startup to Global Enterprise

Oct 15, 2020

From recruiting to hiring to training and managing, the HR team has many time-consuming jobs and needs lots of manpower. Therefore, any organization would need a seamless Human Resource management system that can track and manage candidate recruitment, payroll management, leave approval, succession planning, attendance tracking, career progression, performance reviews, etc. The human resource management system (HRMS) sets HR managers, employees, and employers up with a transparent and hassle-free process.

An efficient Human Resource management system is required to stay intact with the growing team and also the existing team. So, we are here to provide you with a tailor-made HR management system for your company.

The HR Management System has different modules used by:

  • HR Managers: The system brings an easy way for HR managers to review the information about all the departments and teams. They can approve, reject, and leave comments on the request for all the teams and their employees.
  • HR: From attendance tracking to PF details and Employee information, the portal provides HR clear overview of all the employee information. It is a simple way to manage, approve, reject, and publish information to all employees.
  • Employees: Employees can mark their attendance, apply for leave, check the status of leaves, manage the calendar, share the punch-in location, select and apply for the shift, view other employee’s information, check upcoming holidays, appraisal process and update the profile. This management makes the employees, independent, and it also gives relief to the HR department.
  • Managers: Reporting Managers can check the attendance of every employee, approve or reject the request, observe the team’s report, view employee information, and performance management. The application sends the notification for each approval of a request. Managers can contact the team members through the system for any concerns.

Below are some of the unique human resource management system features that you should look for to reduce time spent and improve productivity:

  1. Payroll Management
  2. Recruitment and onboarding Process
  3. Collect, store, and access employee information
  4. Attendance records and track absenteeism
  5. Performance evaluation
  6. Adaptive management
  7. Employee self-updating information
  8. Scheduling events and invites to employees
  9. Efficient Analytics for informed decision making

These are the human resource management system features that we include to make the system proficient and competent. If you are looking for an HR Management System that can provide easy and fast HR management of employee information, then get in touch with the Fibonalabs team. We have hands-on experience in providing visually appealing and functional HR management systems that can be managed through mobile phones.

Whether you are expanding your company or using existing legacy HR management systems, you can spare time for HR professionals to focus on a more important task through our solutions for a modern human resource management system.

Madhavan Ayyavu

Co-Founder and Director (User Experience) Fibonalabs

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