How to be more productive by staying at home?

Aug 11, 2020

Corona virus has bound us to stay at home, work from home, exercise at home, cook at home, and whatnot. In this global pandemic, we have seen how a software engineer has turned into a cook at home and how designers have regained their passion for staying fit through exercise.

Work from home has allowed us to explore new things and brush old skills. But in all these acts, are you hampering your office work?

I hope you are not! But in between the household chaos and zoom calls, you might find it difficult sometimes to balance it. Sometimes you might have gotten late from the bed and sometimes the bed would have given you sleep alters; so, then how are you coping up with the productivity?

We, at FibonaLabs, have cracked the code and designed our workdays in a pretty systematic manner so that we can give a hike to our productivity and fun too.

Customize Work Space According to you

Work from Home Space

Customizing your home-work space is the greatest joy to switch on the working mode. So, if you are choosing bed then this is going to hamper productivity and invite naps. Our team chooses to customize a spot in the home which is comfortable and interesting. Some of the employees have organized the work-from-home set up on the dining table and some are working from their study desks. Lights are the key to build the mood. So, we prefer to work in natural light.

Dress Up and Shape your Day

Dressing up being at home is a daunting task to do in the morning. But, being professionals we love to do it. If you think sitting in the lounge wears will keep you motivated then you are mistaken. So, we dress up and get the working vibes to complete the responsibility.

Interactions in Isolation

Being isolated can hamper your productivity. So, we interact. The office is the place where people communicate and brainstorm. We all miss it, so we arrange zoom calls to overcome the vibes of isolation. It helps up to bring more out of the box ideas to the tables. It also improvises our creativity and productivity.

Take Breaks

Tea breaks for more productive work

Tiny breaks are the fun and crucial part of working. So, in these breaks, we love to sip a cup of coffee and exercise. This helps to regain focus and break the monotony of working. In this way, we keep ourselves healthy and happy.

Complete To-Do List

Work from Home - Family Time

Setting up a target is a must. Working from home invites distractions like preparing food, doing utensils, taking care of family, and in between that you see your mailbox pumping. But we are learning the art of balancing in this isolation by creating a do-to list for a day. To-do lists must get checked at the end of the day for productive working.

We love to communicate, work, and uplift each other through this self-quarantine process. Work-from-home has also built a sense of responsibility to be more productive. Some researchers have proven the theory of remote working being more successful than the traditional way of working. So, we are trying to make it work through the above-mentioned points.  

You can tell us how you are being productive in this work-from-home era. We would be glad to listen to you.

Whether it is office or home, in corona times or regular days, we at Fibonalabs offer exciting working culture. So, explore and join us.

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Co-Founder & Director (Strategy & Marketing), Fibonalabs

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