How is Artificial Intelligence helping to beat Corona Virus?

Jul 28, 2020

On 11th March 2020, WHO declared the novel Coronavirus as a global pandemic. With the increasing count of 10, 250,325 infected people around the globe; it has become important that our technology brings some out of the box actions to put a full stop on this global crisis. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that is helping us to beat this pandemic. It has applied in many creative ways to give alerts in various regions, prediction, information gathering, diagnosis, treatment, and cure, etc.

Through machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision applications we are trying to handle the outbreak caused by this pandemic.

Below the article, I have mentioned some of the contributions of artificial intelligence in the COVID times.

Warning and Alarm for COVID Outbreak

There is a tool called BlueDot that has created a buzz in the AI industry during this pandemic time. This Canadian based AI model predicted the outbreak due to the coronavirus at the end of 2019 i.e. before the World Health Organization (WHO). Isn’t it amazing? Researchers also predict the top 20 cities where people would arrive from Wuhan and become the hotspot of this pandemic. So, it was an early Alarm. The founder of BlueDot also said that the human plays a central role in this AI model as the more information could lead to the early alarms for situations like this.  

Prediction of Pandemic through AI

Forecasting of the corona outbreak was also done on the basis of the previous pandemics. For example, the data of the Zika virus outbreak in 2015 helped to train the machines to predict how the Coronavirus will spread over time and in cities. For the accurate output, the machine would require unbiased and new data to re-train. Tracking the data is a must to predict, plan, and manage the pandemic.

AI-Based Data Dashboards

Dashboards help us to have an overview of the pandemic situation. There are various organizations that have created dashboards using AI to get live information about the coronavirus cases around the world. Some of the noticeable dashboards are Microsoft’s Bing AI Tracker, HealthMap, and COVID 19 Data Hub, etc.

AI-Based Diagnosis of COVID

From limiting the spread to curing it at the early stages, fast diagnosis is really required in the COVID times. According to the researchers by UN Global Pulse, Artificial Intelligence applications can provide accurate results as human. These applications can be faster, time-saving, and more useful to manage this pandemic. COVID NET is one of the applications that has been developed with the help of AI to diagnose COVID from chest X-rays. There are many other AI models that have been trained from various previous x-rays and lung conditions to diagnose.

AI to diagnose COVID 

However, researchers from Wenzhou and New York have prepared an AI that can tell about how many people who have COVID 19 will develop respiratory distress syndrome with 80% accuracy.

That sounds great. AI is doing great so far. Right?

Vaccine Information and Treatment with AI

AI has always been an ace to discover new things. Before COVID, many AI models have been used for developing drugs. There are many labs and medical centers around the world that are useful AI to accelerate the discovery or vaccine and drugs for COVID-19.  

Apart from all these applications and contributions of AI in the global pandemic, AI is also helping governments to keep a check on people about social distancing. There are various AI-based computer vision cameras and drones to scan people.

Still, there is a huge scope of finding AI-based applications to fight against the global pandemic. It is a powerful tool to bring back the normal life for us.

However, we need more data, openness, interactions, and experience sharing to get accurate results and to train machines about the coronavirus.

Technology will work but sometimes the situation like pandemic needs hands for promising progress. We at Fibonalabs, are ready to present you such AI-based applications and digital products which can make your life easy and productive.

You can reach out to Karthik or Vasanth for further details

Stay Home and Stay Safe!


Co-Founder & Director of Technology and Analytics at Fibonalabs

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