How cloud-based solutions will empower SMBs post COVID?

Feb 26, 2021

Cloud based solutions are not new, but it has emerged during the pandemic when everybody was stuck in their homes and then they started accessing files and data by sitting at home. It gave a flexible way to access and store data through a remote server.

Cloud Computing 

For many small organizations in India, cloud computing has saved server costs. This pandemic, cloud computing has helped organizations to boost their productivity, and improve collaboration. According to the S&P Global survey, 60% of surveyed IT organizations will be off-premise within two years. It will benefit start-ups and small businesses as they will be able to save infra costs.

Cloud computing maintains an uptime of 99.9%, which makes it a reliable source for small businesses. Small businesses in upcoming years will also be able to overcome human capital limitations with cloud solutions. Let’s dive into the advantages of cloud computing that will allow you to leverage the power of cloud solutions at its best.

Power of cloud

According to Markets and Markets study, “The expected cloud market size in 2019 is to rise from USD 233 billion to USD 295 billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.5% during the predicted time frame.”

  1. Post covid, seamless collaboration, and storage over the strong cloud infrastructure have increased. It will help start-ups as well as enterprises to set up work from home concepts with ease.
  2. Data security is impeccable in cloud services. Many business leaders have accepted that loss of data can impact the business, and investing in robust data recovery tools can cost you a large amount. These solutions save you with scalable and expertise cloud-based services. It is convenient to secure a centralized database from cyber threats in cloud-based solutions.    
  3. Cloud solutions keep the pace of growth today and tomorrow. The cloud empowers you by adding the necessary functionalities without reinventing the whole system.    
  4. For small organizations, it's always easy to opt for cloud computing applications rather than setting up an entire infrastructure. In case of adverse situations, such as a global pandemic COVID-19, cloud computing can provide resilience and reduces the risk for small businesses.
benefits of cloud

According to research by Gartner, up to 60% of business owners will be relying on the cloud for hosting data by 2022. With the immense benefits of cloud technology, the future looks safe for small businesses.

SaaS based models

The subscription-based business model saves a heavy outlay of capital for small businesses. Subscriptions models have made it easy to take the first step towards cloud solutions as the organizations pay as per the requirements.

We at Fibonalabs, offer modified and flexible cloud services that provide security and complete control over your data.


Co-Founder & Director of Technology and Analytics at Fibonalabs

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