First Month Experience as a UX Designer in Fibonalabs

Designers Experience Mar 30, 2022

Being a UX designer is a fun job but it becomes a loving job when you find the right organization to work with. I always empathize first, before designing any product, and when I joined Fibonalabs I came to know that empathy is one of the driving forces here, either to build a product or to welcome the new employee. And, this made me amazed. It connected with me instantly. So, I decided to share my experience of the first month here at Fibonalabs.

Onboarding at Fibonalabs

Starting a new job can be an uncertain and stressful time of transition in your life, but starting a new job during a global pandemic brought a set of new challenges.

Last year, when I was getting interviewed for my new role at Fibonalabs, I never could have imagined that I would be remotely onboarded and working from home until further notice.

I was so excited for my first day as a UX Designer, but there were social distancing rules, I knew that I wouldn’t have the traditional first day at a new job.

I wouldn’t be going to the office in Bangalore, getting my picture for an ID badge, and wouldn’t be joining a group of other new hires in a typical first-day onboarding session. I was nervous about not having a standard onboarding experience as I was entering an organization completely new to me, after a long time.

I was worried about training and getting to know my manager and co-workers in a remote environment. But the supportive and flexible work culture of my team at Fibonalabs made my transition much smoother. Here, comes the empathy, I mentioned earlier. My first virtual interaction with my manager was great. He knew that this is a new practice and the global pandemic was hard on everyone so he made sure that I wasn’t overwhelmed.

Work environment & Interaction between team members

I did my home office setup and joined a virtual onboarding session coordinated by the HR team. We covered the basics, like signing up for benefits & appreciation. I also had the opportunity to learn more about Fibonalab’s mission and values. During my first week, I spent much of my time on Microsoft Teams, learning about new design concepts, team culture, seniors, etc. I was enjoying my workshops and the different energies my teammates have to explore things. I never thought that this process would make me so comfortable.

Fibonalabs provide a culture where employees engage with one another in a positive way throughout the workday. Employees are encouraged to explore the full potential of their skill sets. This conveys that the company invests in employees’ growth and development. A culture like this can also be called “fostering or supportive.”

Getting into the work

In the first month, new joiners like me participate in fast-paced creative projects under the mentorship of more-experienced colleagues called Section leaders / Senior management. Upon completion of the program, I was evaluated by my mentor and received detailed feedback on my performance.

I was trained for client interviews. The managers gave a brief to me about the client’s requirements and mentored me for the client interviews. The project was assigned to me. This was the stage where I got hands-on experience on Figma. I explored, learned, and grew in the initial month.

My experience doesn't end here, it's a continuous process and I am still loving it.

Continuous Learning & Mentorship

Here I learn new skills and gain knowledge on a daily basis. This comes in many forms, from formal courses and training to casual social learning.

Here at Fibonalabs, mentors establish a personal development plan with each employee to identify what they may want to learn in order to foster encouragement and initiative. They conduct “Weekly Design Review” sessions to encourage employees to apply and demonstrate their learnings.

I am very grateful for Fibonalab’s continued support. For others who may be onboarding virtually soon, my advice is to not put too much pressure on yourself. Connect with as many people as you can, immerse yourself in your training resources, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Reach out to us to join our team.

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