Fibonalabs Story-That moves, entertains, solves and empathizes

Sep 20, 2020

Find something you like to do and just do it, that is how real entrepreneurs always start. Our co-founders believed the same to embark on this journey. Fibonalabs is one of the leading companies in India that excels in both the design and development of digital products.

People look for magic shortcuts to become successful, but it is all about the idea, dedication, and courage to make a business successful, and this is what we follow at Fibonalabs.

Like every small, medium, and big enterprise goes through its share of challenges, Fibonalabs also faced a challenge in the initial times while starting its amazing journey in the industry. It came into action in 2018, and the most difficult part was to find the talents who were willing to make a difference. We started working on the latest Javascript frameworks such as React and Angular with the latest development processes. With the best in-trend technologies, we also excel in the aesthetic aspect of a digital product through the latest designing process.

Our company's name is inspired by the Fibonacci Series. This series symbolizes the growth of an idealized rabbit population. Invented by Greatest European Mathematician of the middle ages, Leonardo Fibonacci, in this series, each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. So, this series grows. Fibonalabs started in the same way where our power gets added with the addition of new talent in the company. Also, the series is related to the Golden ratio that helps to bring visually-pleasing, organic-looking compositions to the designs and this is the inspiration behind our designing services.

Initially, we struggled to find players who can play with innovation and technology in the playground of Fibonalabs. Finding the right talent to match the vision and train people, the leaders were totally out of the depth to build this team. From 1 employee to a team of 40+ talented members who are excellent in their respective fields, the leaders successfully managed to cross this hurdle.

So, now comes the entertaining part. Company culture is an integral part of our working life. Our 9-5 jobs are not so boring as we do what we like to do. Foosball is our mutual passion, and its battleground excites us. Morning and evening caffeine shots are the dose of encouragement for every one of us. From fun parties to technology events, we love to bounce off the walls.

Our story is incomplete without the client satisfaction and our services. We build digital products that can make our clients grow. We understand and empathize with our clients and their needs to come up with a suitable digital solution. We create user-attractive web and mobile applications that can bring a revolutionary change in the industry.

In these years, we have served our services to top clients of retail, health care, logistics, and finance industries for their digital products. Till now, our team has made this journey remarkable, and we can’t wait for the coming years.

From big enterprises like Blackbuck and BNY Mellon to startups such as Loadshare, Rapidloops, Fintso, and Lendstack, we have created digital logistic systems and financial operation solutions to automate processes and stay ahead to the competition.

The world is full of infinite possibilities and countless opportunities, but our career and life have definite time and opportunities.


Co-Founder & Director - Business Development at Fibonalabs

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