Digital Engagement & Skill Building Events at Fibonalabs

Mar 26, 2021

It's been more than a year that we celebrated our success or sometimes stress stories at our workplace. But, we never missed a chance to celebrate it over many video conference calls. It is said, that the employees are engaged and productive when they are happy and at peace. We, at Fibonalabs, collaboratively learn, play and grow. We like to listen and interact about everything, whether it is about new trends, games or technologies. We also believe that communication is the driving force that adds to your personality, therefore, we stay in touch through virtual events.

Virtual Interaction at Fibonalabs

On behalf of HR Team, I always look to come up with some interesting events where each employee of Fibonalabs can interact with others and also have fun.

Below are some of the digital events, we have organized for the employees during remote work.

  • Weekly Interactive Sessions (Fun & Entertaining Events)
  • Training and Development
  • Rewards and Recognition

The Never-ending fun filled Interactive Sessions

The teams that have started going to the office naturally have an advantage of face-to-face interactions, meetings, lunches, and office events. Remote teams don’t have the advantage of in-person, face time to build those bonds, so we organize weekly virtual interactive session.

Fun Friday Session

Games are a great way to decompress and relieve stress, so why not encourage a little playtime for your employees. In this event, we play, chat and win. From Dumb charades to Pictionary the team game is always interesting to play and build a good relationship. It also includes a warm welcome of the new employees. These events are basically for all the employees to sip a cup of coffee and have fun with the team.

Whether it was a virtual Diwali meet or Christmas, we made each festival memorable by dressing up and being a part of each digital festival event.

We Celebrate Not Only Festivals But Our Employees too

Birthdays, promotions, newcomers welcoming, we celebrate each and every occasion.

The warmth and interaction within the employees of Fibonalabs make it the most desirable place to work. Read more about our famous events.

Training and Development: Career Growth of Employees

We embrace online learning and education. Keeping in mind that our employees grow in their career with the latest technologies and tools, we offer training and development programs. This helps employees to fill knowledge gaps and keep the organization at the forefront of industry developments.

Virtual Meet and Training Session

Our Training Session basically focuses on both technical and soft skills!

In the current circumstances, life may feel a little mundane, by giving them opportunities to challenge themselves, they will feel more motivated and engaged. Training and development programs keep each member of Fibonalabs updated on professional as well as personal front.

Rewards and Recognition Events: Because Employees Come First

We, at Fibonalabs, always appreciate the employees and motivates them to keep the good work going. For this, we have reward and recognition events which are conducted every month.

Digital Events at Fibonalabs

The reward in the form of awards, gift vouchers, and certificates, so that the employee always looks to contribute beyond the work to the company in their best way with complete dedication.

All above activities have resulted in happier, more productive employees, more effective teams, and a stronger company. I feel digital events helped us to be interactive, included and connected to the teams. It also improved the overall company work culture during remote working.


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