3 Important UX Design Elements to build Valuable Digital Products

uxdesignelements Apr 03, 2021

Digital products are successful when they are able to scale business and provide a satisfying customer experience. The main actor of any design is the user, therefore, the user-centric design of any product that evokes a sense of pleasure, usability, and the best customer experience will be able to stay in the competition for a long. But, do you wonder, which element of UX design could add value to the product?

Below the blog, you will be able to explore the 3 UX design elements to add functionality, usability and visual appeal to digital products.

  • The clarity in Information Architecture- Most important Ux Design element  

When a user gets on a digital product, they are there for a reason and look for the application to help them achieve their goal in the best possible way. Here, architecting the platform plays a crucial role, it improves usability that could add value to the product.

IA is a guarantee of a high-quality product since it reduces the possibility of usability and navigation problems. Information architecture is the blueprint of the design structure to provide useful navigation and reduces errors in the sitemap. The fluent informative architecture helps in providing the best user experience. It helps customers to find the right information in the right place.

There are 3 organizational structures, you can use:

  1. Hierarchical: In this structure, information is present in some hierarchies. This type of structure allows users to distinguish objects on the basis of their physical differences, such as size, colour, contrast, alignment, etc.
  2. Sequential: In this, the content is formed step by step to give a clear path to the user.
  3. Matrix: In this, the user can decide the navigation through various preferences. It’s a bit complex when compared with other organizational structures.
  • Humanize the Experience

To build a connection with the audience UX design elements such as micro-interactions are important. These elements allow users to connect and understand the solution better. Nowadays, people like to interact with digital products, therefore the interactive design approach is winning hearts. In this approach, to humanize the experience, designers use the below elements.

  1. Use of micro-interactions
  2. Mimicking human emotions
  3. Sharing human emotions using face recognition technology
  4. Developing natural methods of interacting with the apps
  • Choose the Appropriate Trend for Visual Design

Visually appealing design is one of the important elements of the user experience design process. If the design is attractive then it performs well as we only have 5 seconds to grab the attention of any user. Photographs, illustrations, space, layouts, typography, and colours should be used in order to elevate users’ experience.

These are the 3 elements of UX design that can provide a seamless experience to the audience. According to many designers, to make the digital product functional and best-fit, these elements work well.

According to the poll conducted by Fibonalabs on “which design elements do you put the most effort to build digital products”, 39% of designers voted for humanizing the design, 33% voted for clarity in architecture, and 28% voted for visual elements.

If you are willing to provide the best user experience through UX design elements, then you should also include UX/UI trends for 2021 in your design to build scalable digital products.

Madhavan Ayyavu

Among with RAJ KOUSHIK M

Co-Founder and Director (User Experience) Fibonalabs

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